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I’ve lost both my parents in the last 2 years.  I began my research when my mom was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain cancer. 

I’ve never stopped since that first day when she passed out at her uncles house.

She went through chemo and radiation and it totally debilitated her.  Not long after she completed her “doctor mandated treatments” she lost her speech and quickly declined to the point of death. 

The doctors gave her 6 to 12 months.

I gave her premium CBD with THC and regulated her diet the best she would allow.  Yet, chemo and radiation took its toll.  She made it 18 months.

My father was diagnosed about a year later with esophageal cancer.  Soon thereafter he had a feeding tube surgically inserted into his stomach.  That was a good thing.

He, unlike my mother, he decided to NOT to do chemo and radiation.  I began a natural approach to his bleeding issues and cancer and he improved quickly. 

2 – half teaspoons of cayenne pepper a day totally reversed his blood pressure issue and stopped his esophageal bleeding in just 3 days. 

I trained his current wife on how to do everything, but it was just too much for her to handle. 

After much “stress”, she and my dad decided no more natural treatments, no more doctors…Dad just wanted to die tomorrow. 

Such is life?  Their decision is theirs to make, not mine.

In the mean time, I’m not so young myself anymore…and I’ve never stopped researching.  Our foods are all polluted, our drinks, the soaps and detergents, even our toothpaste and toothbrushes are toxic!  Every fast food across our country is polluted with heavy metals.  The list goes on, and on, and on.

The world we live in is centered around profits and not safety or health.  Countless reports state that even your Oncologist gets a commission from the drug company who makes the chemo!

Cancer has been cured so many times naturally throughout history…and shut down every time by big pharma.

If you’re HERE, then you probably already know that.  Hopefully this is a good starter page to send you in the right natural directions.

May The Lord of Creation Be With You and Your Family as You Fight This Together !

Do Your Own Cancer Research On The Following Topics: 

  • PH level of the body and cancer
  • Acidic diet verses alkaline diet
  • Effects of alkaline and hydrogenated water on cancer and the body
  • Sugar feeds cancer (carbs all turn into sugar)
  • Heavy Metals toxicity and cancer
  • How to detox heavy metals
  • Parasites and cancer – parasite detoxes
  • Mistletoe therapy
  • Essiac tea
  • Mushrooms, and zeolite
  • Oxygen enhancers – cancer hates O2
  • Cayenne – helps fight cancer and a boatload of other stuff too

(Use alternative search tools other than the big “G”  “Y” or “B” )  Duck Duck Go is one of the good ones.

Tip:  Try to Stay Away From Government Sources! 

Big Pharma Owns Them!


Food for Thought to Research

Dr. Shintani Youtube Cancer Videos


Other Resources:


link to buy fenbendazole

(I bought that for my dad and even myself as an anti-parasitical regimen.)  It works against cancer in conjunction with CBD and THC oils.


What is Mistletoe Therapy – Cancer Treatment

Search Barbara O’Neill on the link above for lots of good stuff including cancer – many of her other videos include info on cancer too…she’s one of my favorites!

Barbara O’Neill video on cancer above…

I bought the above for my dad…


List of articles about cancer and alkaline / hydrogenated water:


Must Watch video, cancer or not…pretty cool – We Absolutely Love Ours!


Cancer Fighting Herbs and Spices


CBD and THC – Great For Sleep, Pain Relief and Also Helps Activate Fenbendazole






Detox-Revolution_Handbook Natural_Cancer_Treatments Wild Edibles and Medicinal Herbs You Can Forage for or Find Around Your House

How To Make Your Own Healthy Detoxifying Tooth Paste

Toothpaste ingredients bentonite clay

DISCLAIMER: The creator of this page is explicity NOT offering medical advice in any way shape or form.  This material and links are for personal inspiration and simply tell the story of some of my reading materials.  Read and proceed at your own risk for your own enjoyment.