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Please Save each file to YOUR HARD DRIVE for safe keeping.

*** please read each document in it’s entirety… you’ll be impressed I’m sure***

Also, please submit forms on paper, in person, and record the date, time, location and who you submitted it to for your records.


Legal Form for Employees Whose Employers Are Requiring the Vaccine

(This form above is a MUST!  If they can’t provide or won’t provide this information legally they can’t force you to do anything!)


Home Recipe for Hydroxychloroquine 

– The news will tell you to absolutely NOT make your own…think about that for a minute!  Do not cook grapefruit and lemon rinds because it’s dangerous?

That’s right! It’s dangerous to the Big Pharma’s Profits!

There is absolutely nothing in a grapefruit or a lemon that will harm you!  Click the link above to read more now.




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